IH 5: Branding
The IH5 Branding Principles

1. Tell Your Story

It’s all about forming that personal connection. Tell your story that shows your customers what your brand is all about and what you stand for.

2. Keep Your Audience in Mind

Treat your audience like the unique, one-of-a-kind group they are. Take the time to understand who they are and what they want, then tailor your messages to them.

3. Be Memorable, Be Recognizable

Your brand should always have that factor that sets you apart to makes consumers remember you. Take that a step further by making sure it’s recognizable to boost familiarity.

4. Stay Current

Keep up with current trends or get left behind. With rapid changes in technology and consumer lifestyles, be sure to stay connected with consumers by being on top of trends.

5. Keep It Consistent

Branding happens through different channels, and in all those channels, it is key to keep it consistent. It gives off a more professional feel and gives your brand votes of confidence.

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