IH 5: Mobile App Principles
The IH5 Mobile App Principles

1. Apps Should be an Engagement Tool:

Functional apps are great, but take it a step further! Use your app to engage your audience by using it as a platform for communication.

2. Info Should be Streamlined:

Give your users the most convenient experience you can. Figure out exactly what info your audience is looking for and streamline it onto your app.

3. Create Effective Clickables:

94% of users prefer having clickable phone numbers, emails and addresses. Give your customers an easy, fast and streamlined experience to keep them coming back.

4. Minimize Load Time & Data:

The user experience can determine whether or not a user will come back for more. Minimize your app’s load time and data usage to ensure a hassle free experience.

5. Think Design and Branding:

Design with your brand in mind. It could increase your client base by establishing credibility and making your organization more recognizable. First impressions are everything!

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