The IH5 Web Principles

1. Information Should Be Easy to Find:

Whether it’s on a desktop, tablet or smartphone your visitors need to find information on your website quickly. IH Concepts designs your website with simplicity in mind.

2. Have a Clear Call to Action:

When designing a website, you are trying to get your audience to do something. Motivate your visitors to take action or make a purchase.

3. Consider a Website Load Time:

73% of users won’t return if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load. Consider load time; people don’t like waiting.

4. Think of Design and Branding:

Look at the whole picture when considering your company’s overall brand. IH Concepts sees your website as a piece of your overall marketing collateral; keeping your brand and your visual message consistent.

5. Go Custom:

Your business is unique – your website should be too. At IH Concepts we will help make your website memorable to your visitors.

To learn more about our processes for creating your mobile website, check out our IH5 Mobile Web Principles

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