Andre Sarichith, Administrative Assistant

Andre is a member of the IH Concepts team and is continuing his education as a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While he was originally from the Minneapolis/ Twin Cities area in Minnesota, he later moved to Wisconsin where he is studying biology and molecular biology. Andre is very hyperaware and has a good memory, which has proven very useful with his studies and while working with IH Concepts. During his free time, he likes to hangout with his friends and spend quality time out in nature. Andre initially connected with Ibrahim through work study, and since then he has proven to be an excellent addition to IH Concepts.


Icebreaker Questions:

Q: What is your favorite summer time food?

A: Watermelon.

Q: If you were on a road trip tomorrow, where would you go?

A: California.

Q: If you could invent a new contraption, what would it be?

A: A teleportation device.

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