Before & After Website Edition: Highlighting Small Changes that Made a Big Improvement for Our Clients

Over the years, IH Concepts has had the honor to work on websites with many great companies and organizations. When a new client steps forward they typically know their message and the services they want to provide to their customers, however, there can sometimes be a barrier to fully convey that message so the customer gets the proper information in a clean way. Whether the wording needs to be adjusted or a visual change to the layout needs to be made, these small changes often can lead to a big improvement. In this month’s blog, we’d like to highlight some before and after adjustments for our clients, to show the great results a small adjustment can make.

Caspian Grill- Making it More Appealing

One of the most critical parts of marketing a restaurant is to have clean, close-up images of the mouth watering food to draw customers in. The Caspian Grill brings an amazing array of Middle Eastern Cuisine to the Madison area, and we knew that these dishes needed to be featured with some great images and a welcoming format.

Before IH Concepts began working with Caspian Grill, they had an ecommerce platform that wasn’t suitable for a restaurant website that would require high resolution images and the ability to order online. Because of this, some of the images were irregular in size and unfortunately didn’t do the amazing food justice. IH Concepts took this in stride however, and made some small but critical adjustments to improve the overall flow of their website.

After IH Concepts moved the Caspian Grill website to an ecommerce platform more suitable to their needs, the overall layout was also tweaked to make it more inviting and consistent throughout. Through the website, the full story of Caspian Grill was able to be highlighted to best resonate with customers, and the clean images of the restaurant’s food made it very clear that this was a restaurant worth personally trying.

Sara’s Helping Hands – Making Info Easier to Find

Before IH Concepts began working with Sara’s Helping Hands, it was unclear on their website that they were a personal care home. There wasn’t quite enough information or images to fully showcase the quality care that they provide, so an adjustment needed to be made to show their caring nature and excellent staff.

The website was adjusted to be more inviting as customers visited the website, giving them a clear call to action and places to click so they could navigate the website effectively. The images were clean and clear, showcasing the staff and allowing the viewer to learn a bit more about them. This shift in the layout and presentation on the website is more accurate to the actual organization, showcasing the warm and happy nature of their staff and providing a bond of trust towards them. This has provided a stronger connection between customers and Sara’s Helping Hands, and has increased interest in their services.

ACT Prep – Cleaning Up A Concept

Before IH Concepts began to assist ACT Prep, their concept was a little hard to navigate and disorganized. The slightly messy look wasn’t as appealing as it could be, and could disengage those who might be interested in the service unintentionally. With a little bit of tidying up however, it greatly increased the overall customer experience and ease of use.

IH Concepts reorganized the design and layout so that the website was neat and easier to navigate. With a cleaner layout and defined images, the setup is more inviting for users overall and allows them to move from section to section with ease. The adjusted website also communicates the goals and services of ACT Prep better to those who need them and overall creates a more striking, professional appearance.

Looking Ahead

While we like to take a step back to see the clients we’ve assisted in the past and continue to support, IH Concepts always looks forward to working with new clients to improve their overall layout and message to consumers. The information and design is always right there within reach, and with some small touches and a fresh layout from our creative team, we can help improve any message. We look forward to continuing to serve those in the Madison area for many years to come.

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