Our Story

Ibrahim and team members showing team spirit

Your Identity. Your Success.

IH Concepts CEO and Senior Graphic Designer, Ibrahim Harun, founded IH Concepts in 2008 on the principle that a well-developed and consistent visual brand is the cornerstone of a business’ identity and the basis to successful marketing campaigns. His heart for his community and passion for supporting emerging professionals led to the development of a unique company structure that ensures both exceptional customization and quality to clients as well as opportunities for graduates to gain essential experience and skills.

The IH Concepts team of seasoned design and strategy specialists bring together decades of experience and quality. Through Ibrahim’s authentic and qualified leadership, the IH Concepts team produces ideal website design, brand identity, application development, and marketing solutions for clients.

In 2016, Ibrahim launched IH5, IH Concepts’ proprietary platform for developing strategic and goal-oriented solutions for clients. Also, an ever-improving internship program helped to move IH Concepts’ own marketing efforts forward while providing new possibilities and knowledge applications for persons launching their careers.

2018 produced new life for the company as a major growth initiative took place enabling IH Concepts to provide essential services to more local companies than ever before. This effort brought together multiple local businesses in an inspiring collaborative effort to see Ibrahim’s vision come to fruition. Now the local economy benefits even more from the support IH Concepts can provide passionate entrepreneurs.

IH Concepts keeps the bar high for goal-oriented design strategies while providing free business education via its website, live talks, newsletters, and social media channels. Call I Concepts today for a free consultation to see how your entrepreneurial passion can benefit from IH Concepts.