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Branding and Identity
Branding & Identity
From signage to letterhead and websites, the way your organization looks communicates who you are, what you do, and who you want to reach. Your brand is also much more than your logo. It’s how you address customers’ wants/needs and create positive emotional experiences. Plus, a strong brand differentiates you from the competition.

IH Concepts translates your organization’s mission, products, and essence into strategic images and messaging that boost your bottom line. Gain a professional, consistent brand that attracts and retains customers and tells your story. View our portfolio.

Why you need it? Business aesthetics speak volumes. At one glance, prospects and customers decide if they want to associate with you, make a purchase, or support your mission.

What you get:
  • Concept development with IH5 Branding Principles
  • Marketing consultation
  • Consistency across all mediums
  • Attractive logos, business cards, and compelling marketing collateral
Present your organization’s best side. Contact us or call 608.906.1250.
Web Design & Development
Web Design & Development
Not all websites are created equal! Help yours shine with a dynamic website developed by IH Concepts.

Simple. Attractive. Readable. Our websites, ecommerce sites, and informational pages are clean, organized, and easy to navigate. We take care of all the details—photo optimization, web safe colors and fonts, programming, tracking, and search engine optimization—so that you don’t have to.

Why you need it? Within 3 seconds, people decide if they want to stay on your website, do business with you, or support your cause.

What you get:
  • Layout, programming, and development with IH5 Web Principles
  • Hosting referrals
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content management system if you want to make web updates on your own
Experience the confidence of knowing that your organization ranks high in web searches and meets your customers’ expectations. Work with IH Concepts to make your website pop. Contact us or call 608.906.1250.
Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications
Apps are why you see people with their heads down intent on their phones. No wonder—apps engage customers, provide convenience, and keep your organization top of mind.

Now small businesses can take advantage of mobile apps. IH Concepts provides cost-effective, customized apps that resonate with your target audience. From maps that guide customers to your front door to mobile shopping, reservations, promotions, games, and information sharing, the possibilities are endless.

Why you need it? 53% of U.S. residents own smartphones; 62% of them use applications, making mobile apps an effective way to reach customers.

What you get:
  • A solution using IH5 Mobile Principles
  • Customized design appropriate for your business
  • Programming, development, and hosting
  • QR code for customers to scan with their phones
  • Push notification/text messaging capabilities
Discover a mobile app that’s perfect for your business. Contact us or call 608.906.1250.
Have a unique project in mind? IH Concepts is happy to take it on. For example, you may have seen our vehicle wraps around town. In addition, we design brochures, business cards, banners, and signage and work with printers on your behalf. View our portfolio.

Not sure where to start? Consider using our marketing consultation services to identify your strongest value propositions, most appealing communication formats, and messaging strategies.

Together, we can make your organization look its best, whether your medium of choice is print, outdoor advertising, or another format. Contact us or call 608.906.1250.
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