Let's Talk About Kerning: The Successes & Mishaps

Businesses do not always consider type when considering a logo. It is often an easy thing to overlook, but it [...]

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What Caspian Grill Taught Us About Restaurant Websites

As we watched the world begin to change, we approached Caspian Grill to encourage a better web presence anticipating the [...]

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7 Ways to Captivate Your Audience: Giving a Presentation Revisited

Now that the world is shifting back to the office, our presentations are shifting from the zoom room back to [...]

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How to Maintain Your Brand Loyalty in COVID and Beyond

A brand often goes beyond messaging, taglines, and visuals. Often times your actions can affect your business now and beyond. [...]

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Coworking Success: Must-Haves For Your Website

As more opportunities to travel present themselves, we at IH Concepts have been looking at different coworking spaces in other [...]

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