The Stages of Doing A Website

A website is something that opens doors to new customers and business opportunities, but it is also a big investment [...]

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Apple's Evolution: How they Approach Design Marketing and Planning

Example for Editorial Purposes Only. IH Concepts does not own copyright of this image. Photo Credit: Magnify-Youtube “Apple”. When you [...]

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Design Do's of 2024

In the dynamic world of design, businesses regularly update their visual identity to stay in step with contemporary trends. In [...]

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Apple Shares the “Fuzzy Feelings” this Year Redeeming their Holiday Campaign

After criticism of their holiday campaign last year, it seems that Apple has redeemed themselves in 2023 with their “Fuzzy [...]

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The In and Outs of Brand Awareness

“Apple”, “McDonalds”, “Nike”, “Google”, “Amazon” … As you read these, I’m sure that you recognized every single one of them, [...]

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