Vehicle Wraps Revisited: 4 Important Tips to Know

With restaurant week approaching, we at IH Concepts wanted to reflect on our past work with restaurants and talk about [...]

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The Web Evolution: Websites Now VS Then

We are still over the moon to announce our new website at IH Concepts! When we first launched the first [...]

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The Power of PR in Your Brand

Small businesses are on the rise and bring the competition to others. These businesses must work much harder, and pay [...]

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The Design Dos of 2022

This month, we will be discussing different graphic designs that will be trending this year. Understanding what is trending during [...]

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How Redesigning Our Website Has Taught Us About Web Design and What We Do for Our Clients

Here at IH Concepts, we have been redesigning a new website to fit the needs of everybody using it. We [...]

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