The Designs-Dos of 2021

It’s 2021 and change keeps on coming! There are so many exciting things to discover in the graphic design world. New trends have shown a lot of promise in 2021. Keep reading to uncover the 9 enticing graphic design trends for 2021.

Nature-Inspired Design

To start, let’s state the obvious: a lot of people spent the majority of 2020 and early months of 2021 being stuck inside. The work-from-home lifestyle is pretty sedentary and does not leave a lot of time to reconnect with nature.

Sure, we were able to go on our quarantine walks, but that doesn’t completely satisfy the feeling of being in a green space. In 2021, people will find a greater appreciation for reconnecting with nature. Whether it be the use of a lot of greens, earth tones, or leafy patterns, this trend is one we’ll be seeing in 2021.

Optical Illusions

This kind of trend brings a sense of magic to one’s graphic designs. These patterns catch people’s attention and make them wonder. The idea is to leave a memorable impression on whoever sees your design. Optical illusions are playful.

They’re not always individual because both the designer and consumer are engaging with and making sense of the same design. Pops of color and intricate patterns will make your design very memorable.

Monochrome and Duotone

Monochrome and duotone palettes give your design a more mature look and feel. They come off as modern and cool.

A popular trend that has emerged over the past year or so is the idea of minimalism. Utilizing monochrome and duotone gradients and palettes adhere to the idea of minimalism while making an impressionable design that is sure to be remembered.

Geometric Shapes

Compared to a lot of designs created last year that used a lot of abstract shapes and flows, this year more and more designers are utilizing the potential of the rigidness of geometric shapes and patterns. These shapes give off a sleek design that can be paired with a variety of color palettes. Geometric shapes and patterns allow for a nice flow and create harmony within the design.

Retro Futurism

This trend’s main element is imagination. For years people have envisioned what the future may hold. This feeling of curiosity and imagination is inspirational.

It gives your design the power of optimism when it comes to looking ahead. This trend will have a lot of bright color schemes, curves, and computer-inspired typefaces that will send visualizers into the limitless imagination of the graphic designer.

Authentic Representation

Designers have a powerful voice. 2020 showed us how important our communities are and how we must stand up against inequality and systemic racism. In the last 9 months, there has been a lot of transparency in racial issues. We are hopeful to see the authentic representation of various cultures, skin tones, ages, and identities throughout every industry in 2021, including graphic design.

From companies to employees, we hope this graphic design trend fosters real change. Using images that celebrate real people and their characteristics and uniqueness is contributing to a better and more inclusive future that inspires and encourages people of all backgrounds.

Muted Color Palettes

Throughout many years of graphic design, the use of bold and bright colors was a major trend. Now, more and more people are interested in seeing relaxed color tones. If you are looking to convey feelings of safety and security through your design, muted color palettes are a great option.

More often than not, people tend to correlate light tones with those feelings. Even nostalgic feelings can be brought up when muted colors are present. Muted color palettes are heavily associated with natural and organic feelings.


In relation to muted color palettes, there is something quite interesting about the absence of color in a design. Bright and bold colors are great for getting one’s immediate attention, but the trend of using more muted palettes in 2020 might be taking another step further in 2021.

This graphic design trend also brings out a sense of magic and nostalgia. For your next design, think about using the classic black and white effect which creates an enticing atmosphere that allows the other aspects of your design to stand out.

Authentic and Honest

2020 was a very unpredictable and chaotic year. People are looking for more authentic and meaningful graphic designs that really spark inspiration and speak to them. No one wants the added pressure of perfection.

Being authentic and showcasing your honest work through graphic design is starting to matter more and more to viewers. It builds a sense of trust, understanding, and community.

2021 is going to be a very unique and progressive year for graphic design. There is so much room for creativity and authenticity for designs. Whether you want to change up your color palette, redo your logo, or update your homepage, you will be successful. There are endless possibilities when diving into one of these trends, and your designs will be memorable.


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