The Design-Dos of 2019

There are always exciting things happening in the graphic design world, and this year will be no different. There will be some returning trends, as well as some new styles, so keep reading to learn the 9 major graphic design trends for 2019.

1. Art Deco

When designing a logo, such as this cover photo, there are many paths you can take. In 2019, the modern and elegant styles that were seen in the 1920s are making a comeback. With so many classic yet fancy aspects, such as detailed line symmetry and shiny colors, art deco designs will be a staple for logos this year.

2. Vivid Color

Get ready for a bright and colorful year! Pops of vivid color will be seen in graphic design. Bring light, fun, and joy to your designs by adding vivid colors to your palette. Apple has shown to utilize this trend in many designs, such as the iPhone XR advertisements. By using pops of vivid color, your designs will outshine others and make sure to remain memorable.

3. Duotones/Gradients

For a different version of the vivid color trend, duotones and gradients will continue to be a staple this year, but with a twist. Rather than just using a gradient as a simple background as seen in years past, gradients will be seen in many various forms and contexts this year. Utilize a duotone gradient in specific parts of your graphic or even over an entire photo. The creative possibilities are endless!

4. Custom Illustrations

Looking for a way to channel your creativity in a unique way? Look no further than hand-drawn illustrations for your company. Custom illustrations can range from being delicate and simple to dynamic and complex, really showcasing your originality and helping you stand out.

Airbnb does an excellent job at creating these drawings, as seen in a blog image below. Custom illustrations can take your company to the next level this year.

5. Typographic Focal Points (with Buxom Serifs)

2019 is all about standing out. Bold fonts will dominate graphics, showcasing as the focal point of a piece. These fonts include 3D fonts as well as the big return of the serif font.

For example, the Jeep ad below grabs the audience’s attention with the words “Stay” and “Go.” Rather than placing any writing to the side of a graphic, utilize a bold font as the main aspect of your design and clearly get your message across.

6. Authentic Stock Photos

This year, graphic design is moving away from “perfectly polished” photographs and sticking with the more genuine and authentic stock photos. Authentic photos help a lot by connecting with customers and telling a story about your brand.

For example, we decided to stray from the “ideal” body type for a company photoshoot in order to remain genuine. People are not using the same stock photo that has been used 100 times already. This is an opportunity to show that your company is unique and genuine.

7. Light/Dark Schemes

Remaining versatile with your designs is very important. Being able to create both light and dark color schemes, such as on a poster, can really go a long way.

It is hard to fit all scenarios with just one color scheme, so why not provide both? This simple trick will create flexibility and help your designs to stand out in many situations.

8. Open Compositions

Open compositions help to create strong designs while leaving room for a lot of imagination. By embracing white space and eliminating boxes or frames, open compositions allow designs to be more free and powerful.

For example, this open composition ad for Nivea night cream is minimal yet so effective. These open designs are sure to leave your customers interested and wanting more.

9. Isometric Designs

Isometric design is such an interesting, yet simple design trend to follow this year. Transform an icon by creating depth with isometric designs. Flat images can become boring after a while, but transforming objects from a 2D plane to a 3D space can liven up any icon.

2019 is going to be a very unique and interesting year for graphic design. There is so much room for creativity and so many different possibilities for designs.

Whether you choose to implement a trendy color scheme, utilize custom photos or illustrations, update your logo or font style, or add openness and depth to designs, you will certainly be successful. Follow these trends and your designs will be sure to stand out to consumers.

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