Google Search On: How Google Retains Their Audience


I had originally wrote this blog a while back in July and it has taken some time to rethink this ad because of how complicated it actually turned out to be when looking at it from other people’s perspective. When I actually thought about the copywriting part of the ad, I realized who ever wrote this had other creative interns or writers at Google to help come up with the slogan of “Search On.” But when you really think about it from your point of view, everybody is searching for something different. Here are the ideas that the ad expresses of what they think you should be searching for when using Google as their search engine:

1. Hope more than fear

2. Science more than fiction

3. Search for things we love

4. Searching for greatness

5. Searching to make sense

6. Search to remember

7. Search to be inspired

Out of these ideas, the one that stood out to me the most was searching to be inspired. I found this one most interesting because I think were all looking for some inspiration to get us through the day or even to be inspired to achieve goals we set long ago when we were young or last week. I know in today’s day in age, the digital age specifically, that it’s hard to make it as a writer for any business or organization. But when I search on Google for a good movie script to read or a good written short blog or article, that’s when I feel inspired. I feel like a lot of people around me use the internet for two things; to socialize like using Facebook or Twitter and just post really pointless information and secondly, videos. To watch either really funny-inappropriate-pointless videos that really don’t do any good for that person, like a seven second clip-vine video of someone falling in the kitchen dancing or just searching YouTube mindless for anything. Honestly, it’s a good time waster because I’ve definitely been that person where I should be working on homework, but when I get bored and start searching movie trailers, I just want to keep watching more and more and in the end what did I gain from it? Nothing, really.

So what’s my point? My point is that if you’re on Google a lot and you don’t use it for any of these reasons that Google listed above then maybe do what I did and write down what you use Google for. I mean, you don’t have to after reading this, but truthfully, it really helped me gain perspective on using the Internet and how I should be using it. Maybe it’s because I’m older now and I’m not 18 or 20 using it to just mindless post stupid things to my wall or my friend’s wall. But that’s just a personal hasty generalization because of what I’ve learned through my Snapchat research. I’m sure there are people who are of the age of 18 or 20 who aren’t using the Internet to do that. Maybe they are using it to start their own ad firm or their own blog, I don’t know. We will probably never know unless you knew everyone in this world who was the age of 18 or 20, which is highly improbable. Here are some of the reasons I came up with of why I use Google:

1. Search for motivation

2. Search for emotion such as laughter, sadness or happiness

3. Searching for meaning

4. Searching for the past and the future

5. Searching for our selves. (I have googled myself many times, I do not know why)

6. Search to match prices, and self educate ourselves on anything really.

So, what are you searching for on Google?

Your brand should be an inspiration

(Guest blogged by Harry Zimmer)

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