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Commercials that strike home are rare; that is, rare as in you don’t see them that often when you are flipping through the channels at home trying to find something to watch. So, how do you catch a commercial that’ll make you weep and want to cuddle with your pet on your cozy couch after a long day at work or school? Well, it’s almost like fishing in the morning: you have to be watching television at a certain hour, on a certain network, that has a specific target audience in mind, watching a certain show, while being attentive, but not glued to the screen. Now you are probably tell yourself right now, that is a lot of work just to catch a heartfelt commercial that could possibly show a puppy or that has an inspiring moment like winning the Final Four, with a feel good song in the background like Geronimo by Sheppard. Here’s what I suggest, use these five commercials that I have chosen my self after searching for hours and hours on the ones that hit home for me and hopefully they hit home for you. The first step is to open another tab in your browser, whether that be Safari or Google Chrome because we all just love love using that good old Internet Explorer. Just go to Youtube, type in Chevy dog commercial.

I’ll start with the Chevy Equinox ad, since it relates to me very much because I grew up with many dogs and there is nothing better then having a best friend that you can cuddle. watch Interstellar with and still call yourself a man the next day while you’re at the gym working on your abs to impress your neighbor down the hall. The commercial gets the point across, using the dog as a symbol for loyalty and comparing it to people who use Chevy are loyal to their car company. Now, I’m not saying everybody should be loyal to one car company, but usually – and this is just personal self observation through out my fine years of driving and talking to friends, family and people in general – that you usually stick to one car company if you are satisfied the first time with your original car. Now that excludes anybody who is a car collector, then you shouldn’t even be reading this blog, unless you are just an avid blog lover and like to read other people’s opinions not the matter. The fact of the matter in this commercial is that Chevy does a solid job comparing the Chevy Equinox to a dog’s life long journey with its owner.

Now, I’m going to blunt here and point out the fact that all cars break down eventually and you either have junk them or trade it in at the nearest dealership for either the same vehicle your originally purchased, but is updated with loads of features that you didn’t have in your car before or you take it a junk yard and they destroy the vehicle for you. Okay, please, don’t think that I’m am suggesting that after your dog is on its last life, that you do any of those things to your dog. Don’t trade your dog in and don’t take your dog to a junkyard to be destroyed. You own a dog, you know what to do, unless you don’t and then you should email me and we can talk about what you should be doing with your dog when its about to go. Anyways, dogs, like most animals, don’t live forever so eventually you are going to have to get a new dog, but if you had a great relationship with your dog, you are probably inclined to get the same breed. Point is, Chevy strikes at the heart with appealing to emotion with a dog and its owner; they use sappy but up lifting music in the background to support the commercial’s message: Loyalty and a life long journey.

Overall, it’s a good commercial and if this commercial doesn’t make you tear up, then watch it again ‘till it does. If not, buy a dog and then read this post ten years later. Do you get the message now? It’s hard to admit it my self, but oh my I just can’t help my self but to choke up a little bit when I think of my dog Snickers and what we’ve been through together, knowing her journey is almost to an end as well.

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(Guest blogged by Harry Zimmer)

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