Conducting a Photoshoot in a Pandemic: How to Safely Visually Market Yourself

At IH Concepts, we occasionally need to conduct photoshoots for ourselves and our clients to get the proper imagery for their business and remarketing strategy. Over the years we have successfully completed many photoshoots, but never with a pandemic as an extra hurdle. To help educate others, here are some insights into our experience, and some tips for conducting your own photoshoot in a pandemic.

Preparing for the Photoshoot

When preparing for a photoshoot, especially in a pandemic, you’ll need to get the details planned out in advance. In our case, as soon as the idea for conducting a photoshoot was discussed, our team started going over the necessary precautions and things to consider due to COVID-19. As we prepared for the project, we made the decision to interview all participants in the photoshoot to determine any risk factors they may have, and to assess their comfort level with being involved.

Keeping the area safe and sanitary was a top priority, so we decided to hire a professional cleaning service to assist us with disinfecting the set and props for our photoshoot. For the safety of all involved, we went beyond that and even researched options that could help disinfect the air in the photoshoot location. As you plan for a photoshoot, it’s important to not skip over any details.

Medical Considerations

The health and safety of all members of a photoshoot is very critical, so safety precautions should be taken in advance when preparing. There were many medical considerations we kept in mind as the date of the photoshoot drew closer. As a first line of defense to keep the set virus free, we required everyone involved in the shoot to be tested for COVID-19. In addition to that, the professional cleaning service we hired sprayed antimicrobial treatment on our props and high-contact surfaces to disinfect them before the shoot and minimize any chance of spreading germs.

To educate ourselves on any further safety measures, we also discussed the photoshoot with a doctor beforehand. From this meeting we did learn that COVID-19 has a 5-12 day latency period before a host can spread it to others. For the safety of everyone involved, keep your team informed on proper sanitation and have a plan in place.

Space Considerations

One of the most critical decisions for a photoshoot, especially in a pandemic, is considering the location. To keep everyone involved in the shoot at a safe distance, try and utilize an outdoor set if possible. We aimed to use an outdoor location when possible, but for the purpose of this shoot we found that we were able to hold it inside while also social distancing and keeping in mind the building capacity. Additionally since we had to do a great deal of our pictures inside, we utilized a SAM S400 air scrubber by Scientific Air Management to address any concerns of droplets or aerosols in the air.

Day of the Shoot

On the day of the photoshoot, it’s important to follow-through with all of the preparations and planning you’ve made. On the set for our photoshoot, we required that all talking was kept to a minimum to reduce the chance of spreading bacteria. We also required temperature checks on site and questioned everyone there if they were experiencing any COVID like symptoms (a few days after the photoshoot we also followed up and asked everyone again if they were experiencing any symptoms). To keep things as clean as possible, we also ran an air scrubber at the shoot location.

For extra precautions, we kept the shoot location corded off to keep any visitors or other people from walking into the area. This ensured that only people who were successfully tested were allowed in the area and that no one was accidentally in the background of our images. Our photographer arrived early for the shoot, which gave us plenty of time to go over our photoshoot plan in great detail, ensuring that we got all of the images we needed. Due to our planning, the photoshoot went smoothly and was a success. Things do not always go according to plan however, so when planning for your photoshoot allow extra time in your schedule to be safe.


While planning a photoshoot in a pandemic may seem difficult, we found it to be a great learning opportunity for our team. By planning ahead and following the safety restrictions we set in place, we were able to complete our task and get the excellent images we needed. By following these tips and planning in advance, you can have a successful photoshoot while keeping people safe.

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