Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Expect From Us In the Process?

For our customers, we encourage involvement in the development process. By providing us input and feedback as needed, we will be able to assure that your project gives you the greatest return of your investment.

How Much Time Does the IHC Process Take?

For our work, the time frame varies from project to project. For example, print design can take a couple weeks while websites can take 6 to 8 weeks. IHC tries to accommodate our client’s timeline if possible that works with your schedule and allows for us to provide a holistic project. We are happy to work to accommodate any deadline we reasonably can.

What Do Customers Come to IHC for?

IHC is versed in multiple mediums of graphic design and marketing, including but not limited to:
● Brand design
● Graphic design
● Web design
● Print production
● Brochures & Flyers
● App development
We are happy to take on projects of all sorts, from one off projects to ongoing projects. No project is too big or small for IHC!

What Is the Advantage of Working With A Graphic Design Firm that Takes A Holistic Approach?

When you work with IHC, you’re not just working with a graphic designer. You’re working with a graphic designer, a business development specialist, as well as specialist there for you in every aspect of your project. We make sure to have as many eyes as possible on your projects, to ensure consistent, excellent quality across the board.

Why Is Consistency Across All of Our Marketing Collateral Important?

What do you think of when you see the golden arches when you want fast food or the red bullseye when you go shopping. Brand such as Target and McDonald are successful because they provide a consistent visual message. Your brand is what people think of, when they think of you. We understand the importance of consistency, as customers can be confused by inconsistent color, and inconsistent looks of your businesses various channels. By creating visually consistency whether it print, signage, web, or mobile, we help you be successful.

Why Is an Individual Approach Important?

Your company is unique. We here at IHC know that, and celebrate the things that make your company different. We don’t use a checklist, but rather take the time to get to know you, and your business in order to position you for success.

How Do I Obtain a Quote for IHC’s Services?

IHC offers a free hour long consultation with a member of our team to learn about your organization and what you want to accomplish. We recommend that key members from your team are present during the discovery phases to best get a complete picture of your organization’s goals. From there, we crunch the numbers around the time it will take, as well as the fixed costs associated with things such as certifying a website, or buying a domain name. From there we offer a proposal. The goal of the quote is to make sure that we take the time to know you, your business, and your goals in order to provide a roadmap to a successful project.

What Makes IHC Different?

Just like your business is unique, so is IHC. We merge strategic marketing principles with our passion for graphic design, creating a project that will not only look great, but will garner a return on investment. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and every job we take, we will guarantee that we will go the extra mile to produce the best product we can. We strongly believe in the concept of “quality over quantity” and we take the time to look at every detail. IHC is also deeply rooted within our community and unlike other ad agencies, we are in the business to make lasting relationships.

What Industries Do You Work With?

All sorts! We don’t limit ourselves to select industries and welcome all types of companies to come to us for their graphic design/marketing needs! We primarily work with local businesses, ranging from restaurants to private recruiters! Some of our past clients are but not limited to:
● Caspian Grill
● Habitat for Humanity
● Madison Public Library Foundation
● Full Spectrum Home Care
● Alobudra
● Madison Art House
● Ernie’s Kick Sauce

While we usually work with local small business, startups, and non profits we would love the opportunity to learn about your industry and find a solution for you.

Who Has the Usage Rights/What is IHC’s Policy on Usage Rights?

Once the client has paid in full, IHC releases the full rights to the project! While some agencies can retain rights, we are firm believers that the key to retaining a customer relationship is the quality of our work.