What Is IH5?

Graphic design is only one part of a marketing journey. At IH Concepts we take a unique, comprehensive approach using what we call IH5 Principles.

A diverse team collaborating using the IH5 Principles
Icon suggesting color swatches on a spindle
IH5 Branding

Keeping your brand consistent, current and understanding your audience are all part of our IH5 Branding approach.
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Icon of a pencil and a web browser suggesting design and development
IH5 Web

Making sure your website is custom and unique, have a clear call to action, and having easy to find information are pillars to our IH5 Web principles.
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Icon of a hand gripping a mobile phone
IH5 Mobile

Mobile apps need to be engaging, the info should be streamlined, and load time minimalized. Our IH5 Mobile principles make sure those ideas become a reality.
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"Ibrahim brings your company’s vision to a whole new level with his graphic design and car wrap work. His use of vibrant colors is amazing and is bound to enhance your return on investment. I am most impressed with Ibrahim’s depth of wisdom and compassion that he brings to his clients – qualities I aspire towards. Ibrahim is honorable and respectful of all and I highly recommend him and his services."

–Carol Harrison, CEO, Focus Strategic Solutions