Coworking Success: Must-Haves For Your Website

As more opportunities to travel present themselves, we at IH Concepts have been looking at different coworking spaces in other cities to work in. Now more than ever, people are turning to their digital devices for advice, information, and updates on the availability of coworking spaces.

Some of the biggest things we have taken away from this digital transformation are important aspects to include on your website to attract and hold your audience’s attention. Some of these important features are crucial to helping your coworking space to attract more people and revenue.

The Importance of Visuals

To start, visuals. Visuals are important for any website to give viewers a feel for what your business is about. Including visuals not only gives your website a personal touch but also leverages your business into attracting more clients.

The visuals you choose to include virtually invites clients into your space without making the physical trip in. Some of the most important pictures to include are pictures of the physical space you are operating in. Having pictures of your business allows clients and guests to safely check out your space amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Falsely portraying your space jeopardizes the relationships you can build with current and potential new clients. We had an experience visiting a coworking space that was completely unlike the pictures we saw online.

You need to honestly portray your space with engaging visuals. A quick tip: highlight common spaces. People may be seeking out private spaces to conduct their business, but it is nice to see the space as a whole.

Video Tips and Tricks

Going off of the importance of visuals, if you decide to portray your co-working space using a video, make sure you keep it engaging and short. Viewers often let their minds wander, unless something really grabs our attention. Normally, the 30 second to 2-minute time frame is optimal.

Try to craft your videos to be short and get to the point quickly. However, if you have more to say, keep going with it. Longer videos are informative content that is accepted but doesn’t waste viewers’ time.

At the start, tell your audience what they should be expecting. This kind of transparency helps viewers trust your brand and will most likely put more time into exploring your content.

Be Transparent

In addition to proper content, listing your rules and protocols for your collaborative spaces is important. How one rents out a collaborative space, time restrictions, procedures for social distancing, and any other rule should be listed. More people are traveling and could be looking for spaces to work.

You should prepare to get people from out of town looking to use your space. Because of this, you should list out any procedures your company wants to take when allowing people who just recently traveled into your space. Quarantining, masks, social distancing, health and safety guidelines: all of these should be explicitly stated on your website.

Successfully Marketing your Website

You may be wondering how to successfully market your coworking website. Here are a couple of tips. First, make sure you list your space on Google.

You should have all of the usual information on there like hours, website, phone number, email, and definitely photos. This is the first step to gaining an online presence. Another way is to create a membership package and daily passes.

This can attract professionals nearby and out of town. When creating these membership packages, you could start by marketing a free trial. This is completely up to you, but this might draw more prospective members and give them a chance to experience your space before committing to a membership package.

Being active on social media has its perks. Build up your social presence and utilize our tips on the content stated above. If you chose to offer perks to your members, highlight those.

As stated before, it is smart to emphasize the safety protocols your company is taking to keep members safe during the pandemic. Genuinely think about how you are going to enforce social distancing and other health protocols to keep your members safe.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of important aspects and features you can incorporate and highlight into your website to help you sell your business. It is important to have honest and professional visuals on your website to allow potential clients to truly see and feel your space before stopping by. Analyze your audience and see what kind of video content, if any, you want on your website.

For any content, take the proper steps for it took look professional and inviting. List your protocols and rules for your collaborative workspaces, and especially list off the health and safety protocols your company has committed to taking amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Be transparent with your audience.

This builds trust and increases brand awareness. Taking these steps will give your business leverage and keep your audience’s attention. These tips will make your website engaging and help you sell your business.

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