Introducing Katherine Rudolphi!

Duh duh duh da da duh nuh nuh nuuh do do do duh duh doo duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh neew. This might look like a lot of gibberish but sing these words to any person in the Chicagoland area and they will instantly start singing the tune of Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis, the song that is played during Chicago Blackhawks games. It has been the soundtrack of the Hawks Stanley Cup Championships in 2010, 2013, and 2015. I am very proud of the Blackhawks because Chicago is where I call home.

I do my best to catch the Blackhawk games when I am studying Marketing and Supply Chain at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Madison’s incredible campus, esteemed academics, and unmatched school spirit is why my twin sister and I decided to call Madison our second home.

I have enjoyed spending the summer in Madison and experiencing everything Wisconsin has to offer. I love going to the farmers market each Saturday morning, traveling to state parks like Dodgeville and Devil’s Lake, as well taking trips to Door County.

When I first learned about brand management in my Marketing 300 class, I instantly connected with it because I love being completely engulfed by an idea. I love knowing absolutely everything about it and passionately believing in its message. I hope to be a Brand Manager one day, and I am very grateful to Ibrahim for bringing me on his intern team to help me learn and grow in my marketing and branding abilities by getting real world experience.

My role as a Marketing Intern is to conduct demographic research on local businesses, devise marketing strategies, and provide marketing feedback on ongoing projects. I have enjoyed collaborating with the other interns in order to drive IH Concepts forward. This Summer spent in Madison and at IH Concepts has given me something to cheer about (now that hockey season is over).

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