Introducing Harry Zimmer

Sorry, thought I would just announce that out loud on the introduction, like when someone says “Kobe” or “Hump Day!”

Who am I? Well, I’m a blogger. That’s not my name, but if you want to refer to me as that name then we’re totally okay! I have a lot of nicknames, DJ-Z, Harrison, Oh Henry, Hans, and the list goes on, but my real name is Harry.

Not Harry Potter, just Harry. “Alright ‘Just Harry’, you ever write something out of the ordinary, something you couldn’t’ explain?” Sorry I just felt like that was a great time to quote the first HP film. Anyways…

Why the introduction? Why all the questions? Well, I came on here as a guest writer to give IH Concepts a presence through blogging, personal opinion, arguments backed up by sound rea-son (hopefully), and to help Mr. Ibrahim grow his audience. While hopefully getting that audi-ence to think about why ads are so important today.

Now, the theme I’ll be addressing right away is the emotional appeal of advertisements, talking specifically about car commercials and how their ads stand out from other corporations like Google or Apple.

Then we will move on to other ads based on the basic integrated marketing communication principles, because those principles are the foundation of some of the most unique, amazing, and heart-breaking ads out there today.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Ibrahim for bringing me on as an intern, giving me the opportunity to write some blogs for him, and giving me some experience in an ad agency.

See you all real soon.

(Guest blogged by Harry Zimmer)

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