Apple Shares the “Fuzzy Feelings” this Year Redeeming their Holiday Campaign

After criticism of their holiday campaign last year, it seems that Apple has redeemed themselves in 2023 with their “Fuzzy Feelings” Holiday Film. This commercial seems to follow Apple’s regular flow of reaching their audience’s hearts and values. The 4-minute film focuses on the creative abilities displayed in Apple products, specifically the newest iPhone 15 and MacBook Pro, in the creation of a stop motion film.

The ad begins in the stop motion film displaying a cardboard-made town with felt-made people mingling within it. An older man is seen kicking a “Charity Pot” street Santa’s donation and takes some of the money for himself. Almost immediately afterward a series of unfortunate events happened including losing his hat and jacket in the wind, his pants falling, and being trampled by snow from a plow.

The scene then cuts to a woman in the process of filming this realizing in a hurry that she’s late for her office job. As soon as she gets to her desk, her Boss, (what the felt man’s character is based on) gives her a shake of disapproval. This creates the basis of the commercial; The woman expressing her frustration towards her boss in the felt stop-motion film.

The turning point of the film occurs when the boss is seen giving a Christmas gift to the woman. It was fuzzy festive socks. This was the first moment that the woman had ever seen her Boss be nice towards her. Later, she sees her boss through a restaurant window eating all alone. The next time we see her working on her stop motion project, she for the first time, looks at her boss’s character with pity.

This inspires her to take the socks he had given her and create them into a felt-shaped dog. In the next scene, we see the man gifted the new dog. It was met with hesitancy, but then a sense of joy filled the scene. The stop-motion film ends with a joyfully snowy scene at a park with the same Santa in the beginning.

With this new change of heart, the man donates with a big smile on his face. This is further reflected at the end of the commercial when it pans back to the real world when the woman decides to go sit with her boss who is eating lunch alone.  It ended with a laugh from both of them with the words “You make the holidays” appearing on the screen.

After watching this, it truly gave the “Fuzzy Feelings”. This is exactly what Apple was going for! Apple users and non-apple users alike can clearly see the value that the company holds this season. It is to bring a new meaning to the holiday season; one that takes a step back and looks into the hearts of our lives and sees from a new perspective.

Countless times the woman had seen her boss act rudely to her by giving her looks of disapproval to making her work overtime with no notice or explanation, but it only took one thing to change her perspective. It was the fact that her boss took the time to pick out, wrap, and give her a nice pair of holiday socks. After taking some time, she realized that her boss was truly lonely and troubled this holiday season.

This must have been why he had been acting so ill towards her. Just as she expressed her frustration towards him in a creative way (which is very healthy), her boss expressed his frustration towards his loneliness by treating his employees inconsiderately. Apple wants us to know that this holiday season, even though there is so much hurt and turmoil in the world if we take one step closer to understanding each other, we can better learn how to bring joy to each other this holiday season.

Within Apple’s holiday campaign commercials, I believe every business can take away some very valuable strategies. The holidays are a time for tradition, getting together with family and friends, and spreading joy. Apple used every one of these aspects in the 2023 commercial.

Not only this but the compatibilities of both the iPhone 15 and MacBook Pro with the camera tool and iMovie editing software were displayed wonderfully. This leaves for opportunity for consumers to think of friends and family they may know who have an innovative side to express it using this device, or even for themselves. This gives consumers a deeply personal reason why they should buy it.

Overall, Apple’s redemption in the 2023 holiday campaign, titled “Fuzzy Feelings,” was a success and brought Apple back on track to touch the hearts of their audience. The next time you see a co-worker, friend, or even your own family having a hard time or even acting rudely, simply reach out to them. This could mean sitting with them, or asking “How are you”.

You may even be that person, and this season, if you are, reach out just like the woman in the film had even though she was going through a hard time as well. “You make the holidays”. As you are reading this, you possibly have feelings bubbling up. This is what Apple intended; letting their customers know they’re so much more than a product; they’re a deep, sentimental connection.

(Guest blogged by Alyssa Kompas)

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