The Design-Dos of 2020

As the new year begins, new design trends are emerging. While many styles from the past continue to trend, there have been various new styles expected to be utilized in design in 2020.

Both Graphic Mama and 99 Designs have shared their graphic design trends for 2020 which we found aligned well with our trends. We have created a list of the graphic design trends to look out for this year.

1. Get Personalized Using Collages of Drawings

Incorporating a man-made drawing illustration in your design can help obtain a personalized and fun vibe to your design. This trend is popular because it can relate to your viewers. It allows for an immense amount of creativity.

2. Monochrome Effect Will Enhance Your Photos

The theme of using a monochrome color effect has been increasingly popular. The monochrome effect incorporated the duo tone trend from last year. This trend is often seen in photographs. Simplicity is going to continue to trend in 2020.

3. 3D Designs Create Depth

Using 3D graphic design techniques gives your design a livelier and more creative look, rather than 2D which looks flatter. It is more engaging for the viewer to see a design that is believably realistic.

4. Metallics Make Your Design POP

Shiny and metallic colors really pop in a design. According to Graphic Mama, by using a gold color, it conveys luxury, class and good taste. Shiny metals are extremely trendy right now and will continue to trend for this year. This trend is great for brand identity, it will help your brand to stand out.

5. Make Your Images Mysterious with Masking Effect

The simple, minimalistic look is trending in 2020. Using image and text masking will help you to achieve that look.

The whole image is not revealed, creating a mysterious look that keeps your audience engaged and wanting more. Although this trend is not new, it will be especially popular this year.

6. Thick Letters and Typography Hooks Your Audience

Fun and creative typography helps to grab the attention of your viewers. Typography takes written text and transforms it by using designs and shapes, but the message is still readable. Say goodbye to thin letters and hello to thick. This year bold letters are coming back.

7. Be Simplistic with Line Art

Achieving a clean and elegant look can sometimes be difficult. Using line art is a careful yet effective way of obtaining this look. According to 99 Designs, designers are able to create unimaginable shapes by combining line styles. There are curvy lines, which have more of a natural look, compared to geometrical lines, which portray a more technical look.

8. Go Vintage

Design trends are always going in and out of style. That is what is so great about graphic design.

A popular trend from the 50s is making its way back to 2020. Earthy colors give off a fun and vintage feel. If you missed the vintage look do not worry, it is coming back in 2020.

9. Communicate Your Message with Simplified Illustrations

Sometimes simpler is better. Simplified illustrations can communicate your message clearly and efficiently. This is a trend that designers will be using more often in 2020.

10. Look Out for Live Data Visualization and Motion Design

Providing a live data visualization allows for your viewers to stay engaged. This trend will be used to show elements such as dashboard trends. Live data visualization style combines geometry, neon colors, and dynamic animations. The style of motion design and live data visualization is increasingly popular.

11. Incorporate Patterns to Draw in Your Viewers

Combining multiple patterns and textures will be seen often this year. It is a nontraditional trend that designers are loving. Gradients used to create engagement, but this year it’s all patterns. As the minimalistic style is popular, incorporating patterns and textures will really help your design to stand out.


2020 will have it all. It will be a mixture of simple and complex. Finding that balance is key. These various design trends will be used in a variety of projects. To check out more design trends from 99 Designs and Graphic Mama click here or here.

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