The In and Outs of Brand Awareness

“Apple”, “McDonalds”, “Nike”, “Google”, “Amazon” …

As you read these, I’m sure that you recognized every single one of them, but without any previously knowledge you would have thought, why are you listing out fruits, last names, and a rain forest??? But I guarantee you, no one thought this.

This exact instance is something we call brand awareness. Brand awareness is the instance which someone recognizes and recalls a particular brand. It goes beyond mere logo recognition; it embodies the overall perception of a brand, including its values, mission, and personality. Each one of those brands I have listed has successfully done this and with a little time and effort, your business can too.

Strategies in Creating Brand Awareness

1. Create a Movement

People are drawn to causes. By aligning your brand with a movement or cause, you can tap into the passion of your audience. Whether it’s environmental sustainability or social justice, a shared cause can create a strong bond between your brand and consumers.

A really great example of this was in the Always #LikeAGirl campaign analyzed in our October 2023 Newsletter. Always, a menstrual hygiene product company, managed to attract a very wide audience in support of women’s empowerment even though women only bought their products. Always had focused on the message they wanted people to know and was extremely successful creating awareness and credibility. Check it out here:

2. Tell a Story

Humans are naturally wired to respond to stories. Craft a compelling narrative that not only showcases your product or service but also highlights the journey, values, and ethos of your brand. A well-told story creates an emotional connection, making your brand memorable.

A great way to do this is through impact stories from members of your very own community. An example of this was seen in 2021 when the business sphere was extremely competitive. We, IH Concepts, personally advised our clients to tell a story about their businesses that represented both their values and why they should rally behind you.

Personal testament is one of the strongest ways to give value to a brand. Considering this, retelling of that story and the values attached in your media, as the opportunities arise, it crucial for long-term credibility.

3. Identify the Problem your Brand is Solving

Be sure to clearly communicate the problem your product or service solves. Keep this simple with one solution your business provides so customers can clearly differentiate you between your competitors. This makes your brand the “hero” giving customers a “why”.

Why should your customers buy from YOU? The solution is why. This establishes a practical connection with the purpose of your brand. It is important to include this solution in your marketing collateral any opportunity you get so your brand differentiation will never be missed.

Utilize Platforms

1. Social Media

In the digital age, social media is a powerhouse for brand awareness. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer diverse ways to engage with your audience, share content, and build a community.

Actively responding to comments, commenting on other community business pages, and strategically placing your image throughout platforms extends your reach. This creates a punch point for your followers. Sharing a success, behind the scenes, and getting in front of your audience daily builds connection.

2. Newsletters & Blogs

Email newsletters establish a direct line of communication to your customers that delivers updates and exclusive content about your business. This could include events, projects, and community engagement.

Tell your customers all the important things your company is doing in the world! Including a well-maintained blog within each showcases your brands expertise and knowledge. Not only does your customer want your product or service, but they want to make sure you know your stuff. This establishes credibility with your customer.

3. Website

Congratulations! Someone has visited your website and are interested in the meaning in your brand, it’s no longer just about the logo. Be sure your website reflects your brand identity, is user-friendly, and provides valuable information about your products or services. On average, a website visitor will take 3-5 seconds to view anyone given thing.

That means you must have your brands information displayed quickly and space properly utilized; steal their attention! Showcase your products solution and tell a story. Show how your brand will play a crucial way in their lives in the little time they will view your website!

Final Thoughts

Brand awareness is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It requires a thoughtful combination of strategies tailored to your brand’s personality and values. This creates brand equity, the intangible asset a brand gains throughout their growth and translates to long-term success. Doing this through creating strategy and utilizing multiple forms of platforms ensure credibility.

Through the image equity you can gain credibility where customers will put trust in YOUR brand. So, take the first step, define your brand’s story, and let the world know what makes your brand unique. With the webs fast paced and quickly changing environment, there’s no time to waste.

(Guest blogged by Alyssa Kompas)

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