The IH5 Mobile Web Principles

Your brand is also much more than your logo. It’s how you address customers’ wants/needs and create positive emotional experiences. Plus, a strong brand differentiates you from the competition.

Geometric people connected by yellow arrows suggesting interaction

Info Should be Immediate

Recognizing the time crunch consumers are in today, your mobile website should deliver exactly what users want, when they want it.

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Make Essential Info a Priority

When it comes to getting a mobile user’s attention, relevance is key. Dig into what content your consumer is looking for and deliver it efficiently.

A finger-shaped cursor clicking app-shaped blocks with icons on them

Create Effective Clickables

94% of users prefer having clickable phone numbers, emails and addresses. Give your customers an easy, fast and streamlined experience to keep them coming back.

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Minimize Load Time & Data

The user experience can determine whether or not a user will come back for more. Minimize your app’s load time and data usage to ensure a hassle free experience.

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Think Design and Branding

Design with your brand in mind. It could increase your client base by establishing credibility and making your organization more recognizable. First impressions are everything!

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"When I discovered Ibrahim through a local networking meeting, I knew such a passionate designer was the partner I had been looking for. Each modification introduced that special detail that made all the difference."

–Lance Ratze, Yola’s Cafe, owner