Mobile Applications

Apps are why you see people with their heads down intent on their phones, No wonder– apps engage customers, provide convenience, and keep your organization top of mind.

A man on a laptop looking at an app on his phone

Our web app development is customized to your business, the goals you have for the app, and how your target audience interacts with your business.

We provide a QR code for scanning, push notifications, and text messaging solutions that help you stay connected with your customer base.

Mobile App Development Services Include:

  • A solution using IH5 Mobile Principles
  • Customized design appropriate for your business
  • Programming, development, and hosting
  • QR code for customers to scan with their phones
  • Push notification/text messaging capabilities

53% of US Residents own smartphones and 62% of them use applications, making mobile apps an effective way to reach customers. Experience the confidence of knowing that our graphic design agency will create an app that will engage your users. To work with IH Concepts and discover the benefits of our mobile app development services in Madison, WI, call us at (608) 906-1250.

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"Ibrahim brings your company’s vision to a whole new level with his graphic design and car wrap work. His use of vibrant colors is amazing and is bound to enhance your return on investment. I am most impressed with Ibrahim’s depth of wisdom and compassion that he brings to his clients – qualities I aspire towards. Ibrahim is honorable and respectful of all and I highly recommend him and his services."

–Carol Harrison, CEO, Focus Strategic Solutions