Ibrahim Harun, CEO/Creative Director

Ibrahim Harun, CEO of IH Concepts, smiling at the camera wearing a teal shirt with a white collared shirt underneath

Ibrahim is the CEO / Creative Director of IH Concepts, and is the heart and soul of the business. He was born and raised a Madison native, and is a son of immigrants. Ibrahim studied graphic design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Madison College, using it as a creative outlet.  He channeled his creative passion and used the information he learned from his studies when he founded IH Concepts in 2008. Ibrahim pays close attention to detail and loves to problem solve, making sure to ask the right questions to receive the best results for IH Concepts’ clients. Ibrahim puts others first, and always shows up for people in life when they need it. In his free time, Ibrahim loves to travel, write, cook, and hang out with friends. Since he founded IH Concepts, Ibrahim has been an outstanding leader and is proud to serve those in his community.


Icebreaker Questions:

Q: What is your favorite summertime food?

A: Pesto from garden grown basil

Q: If you were on a road trip tomorrow, where would you go?

A: California or New Orleans

If you could invent a new contraption, what would it be?

A: Teleportation machine

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