Nick Debner, Creative Marketer

Nick, seated and smiling

Nick is an essential part of the IH Concepts team, where he works as a Creative Marketer.  In 2019, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Nick has always been interested in understanding why people behave the way they do as consumers, and this helped drive him forward in his studies in marketing. Nick is excellent at following the directions given for each task at hand, and prides himself at being good at remembering the names of people he meets. In his free time, Nick enjoys watching movies, spending time with his friends and family, and skiing in the winter.  Nick first became associated with IH Concepts in 2018, when he met Ibrahim during an interview for a Marketing Communications internship. Since then, Nick has been a part of the IH Concepts team, and it has been enjoyable to work on projects with him.


Icebreaker Questions:

Q: What is your favorite summer time food?

A: Anything cooked on the grill

Q: If you were on a road trip tomorrow, where would you go?

A: I’d like to drive on Route 66 as far as it will take me

Q: If you could invent a new contraption, what would it be?

A: A device that would let me rewind and pause time

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