Pete Valeo, Senior Web Developer

Pete, Web Developer, in front of Ibrahim and Pang

This month’s Team Member Spotlight features Pete, one of our web developers. Pete grew up outside of Chicago in Arlington Heights and moved to Madison in 2002. He has been with IH Concepts for two years and has a great deal of experience with coding. He first started tinkering with coding in 1995 and 20 years later he learned WordPress, PHP, and HTML/CSS/ JavaScript. Pete enjoys the challenge of designing websites and helped launch the IH Concepts mobile site in 2016.

When he isn’t working as a web developer, he enjoys cooking, cycling around town, and music production. When asked what he’d like to be known for, Pete said, “Ideally I’d like to be known as a decent dude and/or someone who makes other people’s lives easier where I can.” With his strong work ethic and uplifting attitude, Pete has been a valuable asset to our team and we are happy he’s on board.

Here are some interesting facts about Pete:

What is your favorite summer time food?

Probably the lamb/beef shawarma plate from Mediterranean Cafe. Not only in summer, though – that one’s a year-round treat. Their tahini sauce is unreal.

If you were on a road trip tomorrow, where would you go?

Probably Seattle. Making it a road trip would be a great chance to check out the huge swath of the US between the Pacific Northwest and Wisconsin.

If you could invent a new contraption, what would it be?

Something like a Keurig for freshly ground coffee. If you could have all the convenience of the instant cup of coffee, but without all the waste – that would be amazing.

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